I probably won't be back. Keeping this blog for the memories. If you followed me, thanks. :) It was fun while it lasted.


Nine years ago, on February 21, 2005, Nickelodeon premiered The Boy in The Iceberg and from this show, a family was born. Over the years, we have cried over leaves that fall from the vine and laughed over Melon Lords and have lived to see another Avatar born into the Water Tribe. I couldn’t think of a better family I would rather be a part of! Here’s to 9 more years of feels, everybody!



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Happy New Year y’all!

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yooo you comin back?

Probably not. :( 


Another great year is almost over and it’s all thanks to you guys. You really make my dash complete with your stunning graphics, gifs, fanart or blogs in general. So I wanted to take the time, in the last few days before the new year, to thank all of you cuties for all for the love you’ve given me on tumblr. Because honestly, I really wouldn’t love tumblr if it wasn’t for you. I really love you guys. ♥ See you all in 2014! :)

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"When you get to be my age, you’ll be thankful for the time you had with your siblings." (art credit: x)

The Southern lights

Korra realising Unalaq’s ulterior motive.

Korra Book 2 Premiere to be 2 Episodes


NickandMore is a reliable source. I assume from the phrasing of this tweet that Civil Wars parts 1 and 2 will air separately. So we’d be looking at this for September:

  • September 13th: Rebel Spirit & The Southern Lights
  • September 20th: Civil Wars, Part 1
  • September 27th: Civil Wars, Part 2


Idunno who made this but I had this saved on my computer and basically, by looking at your hands you can tell what tribe you would be in if you would live in the bending world. Pretty sweet right? Personally I would be an airbender, I would just ride around on an air ball all day aww yish